The first version of this website was launched on 29 July 1997 at the address http://home.zonnet.nl/neasden. In 2011 it was moved to this WordPress environment.


3 responses to “About

  1. Werner Luetkemeier

    Hi Marco, great pictures. Congratulations to this site! One question: Is it possible to get some BJH pictures from the era 81-87 from you. Any sort of higher-res pictures maybe shared via Dropbox or via a stupid CD shipment?
    Just let me know please.
    many thanks and kind regards
    Werner from Germany

    • Dear Werner, many thanks for your kind words. I don’t have really hires digital version of the photo’s I took at the BJH concerts. I intend to scan the negatives someday, but don’t have the equipment for that, so I’m afraid the digital pictures I put online are the only ones I have for now. Best, Marco

  2. Werner Luetkemeier

    Thanks Marco! maybe some day… keep me in mind by then!
    kind regards Werner

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