Gig photo archive complete

I have just completed digitising and uploading all the photo’s I have taken at gigs since 1978. The latest uploads include Queen and Saga, and some neo-progressive bands like Quasar and Sinister Street. Full details at


8 responses to “Gig photo archive complete

  1. Hi, I was looking for Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel pictures on the internet and found your web site. I see that you have some nice pictures! I was wondering if you still have your concert tickets from the Hackett, Gabriel (and maybe some Genesis or solo) shows you’ve seen. If so, would you be interested in selling them? Thanks for your consideration.

    George German

    • Hi George, indeed, I still have the original concert tickets, but have no intention of selling them. Thank you for commenting on the picture, though! Best regards, Marco

      • Hi Marco,

        Thanks for getting back to me. Would it be possible to get scans of your Genesis (and solo) tickets?

        Thanks for your consideration,


      • Hi George, are you going to use them for the Genesis Museum? I love that site. If you send me your e-mail address to neasden[at], I will send you scans of the tickets I have.

      • Hi Marco,

        Actually, I’m just going to use them for my personal collection – not the Genesis museum.

        My personal e-mail is…

        Do you know anybody else that might have some Genesis (or solo) tickets or posters?

        Thanks again,


      • George German

        Hi Marco,

        Happy New Year! I was just wondering if you were able to make scans of your tickets?
        Thansk again and write back soon,


      • George, I send you an e-mail, but got the following error message: 451 4.7.7 Excessive userid unknowns from nlpi168:
        retry timeout exceeded. WIthout that solved, I cannot send you the scans.
        Best, Marco

      • Hi Marco,

        Hmm…I wonder what happened. You can try my other e-mail address which is:

        Thanks again,


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